Thure Martinsen

 Pastor T Martinsen
Pastor Thure Martinsen, known to most in our congregations as Pastor T, has served as our pastor since November, 2011. He and his wife, Pat, came to us from Orlando, Florida where most recently he served on the administrative team of Forest Lake Academy, a Christian boarding high school. “My mission,” says Pastor T, “is to help people understand that God loves them. God has a plan for each of our lives that will bring joy and fulfillment now while preparing us to spend an eternity with Him.”
 Pat and Pastor T

Pastor T, who also pastors the Nebraska City SDA Church, was ordained to Gospel Ministry in 1997 while serving as Chaplain for Auburn Adventist Academy and the Associate Pastor for the Auburn Academy Church located in Auburn, Washington. Most of his career has been spent working with high school students at various Christian, boarding high schools throughout the country. He has served at various times as an administrator, a chaplain, and a teacher.

Pastor T and his wife have two children; 

 Pastor T's Family (Left to Right):
Jonathan, Kristina, Pastor T, Pat
Jonathan lives near Seattle, Washington where he is works in an inner-city emergency room and is completing in BS in Nursing.  Kristina lives in Logroňo, Spain where she teaches English and is developing an export company.. 

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