Spiritual Gifts Questionnaire
Before completing this segment, prayerfully consider your answers. Enter in 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 depending on how strongly that statement applies to who you are and what you want for your own Ministry. “1” means that the statement applies to you very little. “5” means that it strongly applies to you. The numbers “2,” “3,” and “4” are degrees in between. Your answers should reflect your life at present, not what you hope for in the future. Be frank and honest with yourself.

* Required

 Please note that this questionnaire does not include the important spiritual gifts of Healing, Craftsmanship, Music,
or Prophecy. These gifts are certainly as valuable as any other but can be identified best by means other than a
question-and-answer test.
 Spiritual Gifts Scoring
Please take note of your two or three highest scores. This will give you a starting place to discover your spiritual gifts. These gifts will need to be confirmed by others and by your own future ministry experience. (It is often helpful to have a spouse or close friend take the Questionnaire with you in mind. You can then find out whether they see you the way you see yourself.)

Please make a note of your top four spiritual gifts and your score. You will be asked to enter this information in the Servant Profile survey.